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Micro Spectroscope Camera Gives Users Food Portion, Calories, and Nutritional Values

Imagine a smart watch that you hold above your plate for a moment. The micro spectral analysis camera photographs the food and determines the food quality and portion sizes. It quickly performs a dietary analysis to determine calories, fats, carbohydrates, proteins, etc. You get a readout of the calories and nutrients you consume in this meal…before you even eat it!

It’s quick. It’s easy. It takes minimal user effort. It’s MealCheck.

MealCheck provides the missing link in wearable health technology. It removes the inaccuracies caused by user input as they misjudge portion size or forget to record their eating. The camera evaluates food size and type and calls on a database of nutritional content to produce accurate numbers.

Users need not laboriously measure their food or input guestimates of amounts eaten. They can stop trying to figure out the calories, proteins, carbohydrates, fats and sugars in their meals. Indeed, 50% of monitor users quit putting in their food intake within the first six months.

Now, it’s not a problem. MealCheck will determine food intake for them and store the information on their device or smart phone.

MealCheck is designed to be integrated into a total package watch or other wearable device to give users the full range of health benefits. Companies producing wearable devices can now give their users the ability to monitor exercise, vital signs, sleep, and accurate food intake.

Wearable Technology Moves to the Next Level

This technology makes it easy for diabetics, weight watchers, athletes and others to monitor and control their food. It can help the elderly or infirm. It promises to unleash the true potential of wearable devices by accurately assessing every plate of food for fat, protein, carb and calorie content.

  • Comfort and Ease of Use offered by a wearable device
  • Smart and Efficient Monitoring made faster and more accurate by precise algorithms
  • Savings brought by efficient micro cameras instead of larger laboratory machines.
  • Multi-functionality. Pair MealCheck with a smart watch, smart phone, or other health monitoring functions such as heart rate and blood pressure technology
  • Model and Design. MealCheck can be designed to look like a fashion accessory or fit with other medical devices.
  • Ease of scaling and Capital Efficiency. MealCheck incorporates miniaturization and algorithms to existing near-infrared spectroscopy technology.

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