Hesham Mahrous

Hesham Mahrous is a Data-Scientist with 7+ years of experience in descriptive and predictive analytics, and digital signal processing. Hesham founded Gauss Insights, a data science consulting company, which provides data analytics services for consumer products and goods retailers such as Spinneys Dubai and Safeway. He also worked as a senior Data-Scientist for Samsung Electronics R&D at which he developed a highly manageable and scalable data analytics platform for Samsung Pay. Hesham has also experience as a research and development Engineer and holds 2 patents in the field of machine learning and text mining. While working at SAP as a Research Engineer, he developed a state of art record linkage system which is highly robust to noisy and imprecise data. Hesham holds two MSc. degrees in Electrical and Computer Engineering the latest one from the University of British Colombia where he developed the state of art compression algorithm for biological data such as EEG and MRI Images.